Light Up My Room*

By: niftyba

Feb 12 2008

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There were several different “looks” that I have had about my wedding in the past. When I was a child, I dreamt of getting married at a very old castle in a very formal and stuffy event that involved me in a huge ballgown. Then there was my red and black version, my Asian-themed version, and now my strange paper-bird-Filipino-Scottish-themed version. I sure love that last one, but I can’t help but want one thing from my Asian-themed version: paper lanterns. Oooh, those things are so pretty and cute! I was totally on board to hang those suckers up! BUT… the logisitics of it scared the world out of me, a nightmare of cords and lightbulbs and hanging stuff. *ugh* No one wants to deal with that. So, now my nightmare is this: I am using HUGE paper pompoms in lieu of lanterns, but I still want to string twinkle lights across the ceiling as well. How in the world do I do that? And how many packs of Christmas lights do I need? Again, the whole being buried alive in tangled cords nightmare resurfaces…

I really want long tables with pom poms or lanterns over them… but would that look good in the Fil-Am? Long tables aren’t usually done.

*BNL, whoo!


One comment on “Light Up My Room*”

  1. ba! i think you should still try for the fabric over the ceiling. we can make it work! i like the paper pom pom things. we should work on the lighting.

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