The Fil-Am

By: niftyba

Feb 12 2008

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Here are some pictures of where our reception will be held, the Filipino-American Community Center. It’s not a grand ballroom or a pleasant garden setting, but it’s practically a second home. As much as I had wanted a blank warehouse for the reception, I really couldn’t do it anywhere else but the Fil-Am. I had my 10th birthday party there. This time, however, it won’t involve a pinata and Ali avoiding the song “Sad Movies.”

The Fil-Am sign on the stage.

The disco ball. (Oh my goodness, there’s a disco ball at my wedding…)

The view of the room from the stage. The entrance is that door to the right of the pole in the middle of the room.

Another view of the stage. Ana and I are waiting for karaoke time.

You can see the main entrance on the left side of Ana. And the horrible TV and blue wall lights around Billy.


View of the room from the entrance. There are two random poles in the room, and a trophy case, and more colored wall scone things.

Filipinos doing their crazy elitist Filipino-lady line dancing.

Billy and I attempting to dance. (Gosh, it’d be hard to hide that ceiling.)

View of the left side of the room. Note the orange exit door (classy).

Stage. I should hide all bad plants and that random television on the right side.

There will be blood karaoke.

This is not at the Fil-Am, but at my grandma’s house. The arch MUST be used in the Fil-Am, or Gma will be sad.

Flip food for fun! Hmmm, pansit!


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