Faux table!

By: niftyba

Feb 13 2008

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Recently, I have been very antsy about how the reception tables will look like. I have limited resources in the house, but I worked with that I had, and this is what I came up with. Elements: paper flowers, pretty round glasses, favor boxes, candles, cd favors, tulle as an overlay, and a mattress cover as the table cloth. I should have taken these pictures in better light, and I wish I could light the candles! It all looks very Easter to me. Instead of using the pink vellum as the table runner, I want a light pink jersey fabric, but I’m not sure how that would look. Also, I found out that I should stick to a certain brand of paper- different brands of tissue paper can give you very different looks and color variations. *eek* The waxy white tissue I used was cheap, but soooo not good to work with. I like the texture of the mattress protector, though… is that weird? V. ghetto…

When Billy got home, he thought I dressed up the table for him because it was our 5.2 anniversary. *aww* Nah, honey, just wedding planning…

Added: I took some pictures later on with the blinds drawn and with just the light over the table on. It looks actually darker than before…. I wish I could see what this looks like under florescent lights (what the Fil-Am has).


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