…Finally MIA?

By: niftyba

Mar 07 2008

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I haven’t posted since the TWENTIETH OF FEBRUARY! Oh my golly, why? Have I been busy? No, not really. I just haven’t been that “into it.” I go through this stage with my normal blog often- I have to feel motivated to write about something if I want to blog. BUT, it’s not like I haven’t had anything to write about! In the two or so weeks since I last wrote, many wedding things have happened!

-Billy and I picked up our wedding rings! (I LOVE THEM. They’re very simple.)

-We won third place in an engagement picture contest that Heather put together! (Yay! Thanks to everyone who voted for us!)

-I finally figured out how I’m doing the reception decor! (… Except how I am going to cover the walls/TVS/etc.)

-We sent out invitations! (Well, most of them, at least. To those random Filipinos who don’t have them yet- I still need to make your paper flowers……)

-Almost done finishing the total list of the budget! (Have to figure out which trolley I want first…)

-Had an appointment with a florist! (Apparently, I love carnations more than I thought I did.)

-I remembered that I’ll be having a bachelorette (sp?) outing in April. (Hopefully something tasteful! I did tell Billy I was going to get completely sloshed during that time. It probably won’t happen, but hey- that’s definitely something I won’t be doing when I’m married.)

-And, I RECEIVED MY DRESS! (Which I have shown to everyone in the world. Except Billy. I loves it. Not too bad for something I’ve never tried on before.)


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