By: niftyba

Mar 13 2008

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Now I know what to do with the lattice that usually stand behind the buffet. Yay!

I tracked down this image that I found on IndieBride to Martha Stewart online. Here’s what the description of this says…

Light Bright

This fireworks-inspired twinkler serves as mood lighting for a holiday party — and as year-round art once the rest of the baubles are packed away. Start by painting a stretched canvas from an art-supply store (we used a pale-pink latex paint). Then plot out your design by penciling dots on the back, keeping them a half-inch apart. Gently press an awl through each dot to make a hole slightly smaller than the diameter of the bulb (we went with strands of mini white Christmas lights). Press a bulb into each hole; secure each with craft clue. “Premiere Traditional” 30-by-40-inch canvas, $45, Canvas paint (#E1-26) $90 per 2.5 liters, for stores. Mini lights, $13 for 100 lights, White credenza, $7,800, DMI, 201-341-4848.


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