Glasses or No?

By: niftyba

Mar 14 2008

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Ok: These aren’t the most flattering of pictures. However, nothing in the world can cover up the fact that I have a huuuuuge nose. I never really thought I did, until I started comparing my nose to others, and I’ve had to become comfortable with the fact that I’ve got a nice, smushy, big Filipino/Villarama nose. It could be worse!

I wanted to see if I looked better with or without my glasses, so I took some pictures. To see the whole album, complete with pictures of me with the vintage German earrings I plan on wearing and a faux veil on ($4 woth of tulle, baby!), please visit my Flickr set. And then tell me what looks better!!! I’ve never had contacts before, and if I don’t get them before the wedding, I’ll have to be blind most of the day!!! I look pretty weird to myself without glasses on, and I keep thinking I have some kind of lazy eye. Do I have a lazy eye?!? (I think it’s in my left eye.) Ugh, I don’t know. I like glasses because I can hide behind them and I think they balance my face out, but they don’t exactly go with my dress…

OooOo, and you can see the nice burn on my neck. Boo. I can’t really hide that one.


2 comments on “Glasses or No?”

  1. I had the exact same question on my blog too, hehe. I think you look great either way. I went to the eye doctor to get contact prescriptions just in case I decided to go that way, but I’m still up in the air. I might just end up wearing my specs! Love your blog btw, I read it from time to time and this time I found you through Myra’s blog šŸ™‚ (she’s making me a hairpiece and bouts also). Take care and may I add you to my blogring?

  2. hey.. i know this was posted almost a year ago, but i was swinging by cause i googled carnations. i just kept reading though and i’d like to say that i didn’t even notice your nose! you are very beautiful!!! you look great with or without glasses! when was your wedding? i hope it went well! congrats! šŸ™‚

    reagan šŸ™‚

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