This is more of a pink and white wedding than green…

By: niftyba

Mar 18 2008

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Etsy is featuring some great stuff on weddings recently, and I’ve been hooked on reading all the new articles every day. Today, I read the story of Dana’s wedding which took place in Deland, FL- wow, she’s so close by! You can read her entry on her recylced and very interesting wedding here. It all looked so cool, especially with the Short Circuit-esque robot officiant… Billy would love something like that. And I was so jealous that her dress was a $1 thrift store find! It was so cute, too!

I had big dreams of being a semi-green bride, especially since it’s such the rage right now, but it all went over my head. Too bad- there’s a lot available out there! Like those cool bamboo plates! And locally grown food/flowers! But that can be more expensive/not available in little old Pensacola. However, am I doing a lot of things the non-traditional route, so I hope that counts as well.

-Invitations were made from recycled materials.

-I handmade all of those paper flowers included with the invitations and decided to hand address the envelopes instead of giving into a calligrapher (that was so tempting, though).

-Many of my accessories were hand-me-downs or handmade, like the earrings I will be wearing and my hairpiece by MyraKim.

-My dress was handmade as well, not manufactured far away in China for thousands of dollars. Bridal dress companies are black holes! I got something custom made that matched exactly what I was looking for.

-I got a lot of things for the wedding on sale/clearance/v. cheap.

-We’re using what resources we have: Billy designed our STD himself and I got it printed at our cheaper university print shop. Billy will also be designing our other wedding paper needs. Our friends and family are there to help us with whatever we need. Billy’s mom bought us some awesome bird votives for the reception, and my friends are becoming paper factory workers next month. There is so much to mention.

-Catering is (hopefully) going to be done by a family friend.

-We got the cheaper rate on the Fil-Am rental, and we’ll get tables, chairs, sound system (!!!), karaoke, table cloths, chair covers, and kitchen use included.

-And, if they are up to snuff, we’ll also use the plates and silverware that the Fil-Am has on hand.

-We’ll most likely be using an iPod for music, but don’t worry, Gma, there’ll be Tom Jones for you.

-And another thing about Gma- she’s altering the bridesmaids dresses (and mine if I need it) for free. I’m so lucky!

-We’ll be using dessert stands and an arch my family already has as part of reception decor.

-My design team consists of all of my friends. We’ll be setting up everything ourselves. That’s a daunting task, but no way am I paying thousands to have someone put up stuff. Hopefully we’ll be prepared to get tangled in Christmas lights and fishing line.

-And etc, etc, etc.


One comment on “This is more of a pink and white wedding than green…”

  1. Pensacola is great for a beach wedding

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