Busy busy busy….. busy.

By: niftyba

Mar 31 2008

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I spent $122 at IKEA yesterday. Don’t worry- it was all necessary, and at a really good price. $122 will buy you 144 10-hour candle votives, 144 candle holders, 9 bottles of sparkling juice, and 8 bulb cords for lanterns. I will be shipping all of this to Pensacola this weekend.

I will be going with one of my bridesmaids Brandi back home this weekend. She needs to get her BM dress altered (as does everyone else!!!), and I need to sort a lot out. So, this week, I am uber-busy. Uber, uber, uber, uber, uber-busy.

List of What Ali Needs to Do Before Pensacola

-Pack favors, papers, wishing trees and wishing tags

-Pack dress to show Gma and friends

-Pack IKEA supplies

-Do wedding ceremony design, and get table numbers and informational signs designed

List of What Ali Needs to Do in Pensacola



-Figure out what kind of veil I want

-BM dress alterations

-Find out what possible reception rentals are necessary (dining ware, table linens)

-Speak to Gma about making table linens

-MEET WITH CAKE BAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Get favorite dance music from friends to add to list

-FINALIZE MENUUUUUU and drink quantities


This is pretty much my last trip to Pensacola. I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO COME BACK. And I am pretty much through with planning- I know most of what I want, and now I want to put it into action. So, I need the immense help of my friends and family, and I need to get this done as soon as possible. Too bad I’m only there for a weekend, lol, but as long as I can get a lot done BEFORE MAY, I’m happy.


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