YAY: O-Town

By: niftyba

Apr 03 2008

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Right now, Billy and I live in NSB, an hour away from Orlando. I love it there- all so quiet AND next to the beach. However, getting stuff for the wedding in those parts has been kind of bleh. I have visited the nearest Wal-Mart so many times for the wedding craft aisle, but it’s not the same as Michael’s, which is in Daytona. So, we are in Orlando today for some fun wedding related goodness! (I bet Billy’s really enjoying this…) (Gosh golly, it’s so much…)

Tomorrow, I ship out for Pensacola. I don’t like having to do all this planning far from where the wedding will happen, but it needs to be done. It’s like having a really close destination wedding. Boo! Well, we must soldier on. Before I leave tomorrow, we have to…

-Mail deposit to florist and payment to ceremony pianist

-Finalize some parts of the ceremony and music selections

-Finally plan out the wedding day stationary (ceremony programs, any kind of seating-card-whatever, table numbers)… without falling victim to the nice looking easy pack at Joann’s

-Finalize any more people we may want to invite

-Assign and begin to dole out roles and responsibilities

-Figure out what else is needed, especially from Pensacola

-Choose a favorable cake design before I meet with a baker in Pensacola

-Visit every wedding aisle of every craft/random store ever

-Figure out what we need for our ghetto iPod wedding hookup at the Fil-Am

-Loading up Ali’s car with the purchased IKEA wedding goodness!

Throughout the whole wedding planning, Billy has been an awesome groom-to-be. He may not quite understand the cuteness that is necessary in making menu cards, but he is tops when it comes to giving in and roaming through the wedding section of Michael’s yet again. Billy takes the time out of his busy schedule to help me focus and keep on track, and his patience is usually paid for in visits to the kitty adoption places.


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