My Grandmother…

By: niftyba

Apr 04 2008

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… Lividly despises my SECOND wedding gown.

Yes, folks, this is the second wedding gown I have chosen. The first one, which I still LOVE and try on when I can, was deemed “too old fashioned.” So, I went and bought another one. Ugh. She hates it. And she is trying to give me every reason about how everyone else will hate it as well.

Oh, so not cool! I love both of the wedding gowns I chose! Then again, I am trying to go against the awesome queen of glitter and glam- anything without beading or detailing is too simple. But I keep saying I am a simple girl. 😦

This is truly heartbreaking. Even my own mother doesn’t like the idea of it (she hasn’t seen it, but the words “off-white” don’t dwell well with her). Meeeeh. I know this is the only wedding my parents and Billy’s parents will have for us, and I should make it extraordinary… but I don’t want it in that way.


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