Cuppy Cake

By: niftyba

Apr 08 2008

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It is becoming clear that I am quickly losing control over my own wedding, and while I have time, I must regain that control and have input into what will be done. Much to Grandma’s dismay, we are having a cupcake wedding.

I hadn’t planned to before, but the thought of having to cut everyone a slice killed me. With the help of my LOVELY BRIDESMAIDS (who went with me to the bakery, and Ana and Krista (who I owe $20 to for putting down a downpayment on the cake!) even went to the appointment for me), we are having a cake made by J’s in Pensacola. There will be a small 1 layer cake for Billy and I to cut, and 150 pink and white cupcakes. It’ll be buttercream and regular frosting, with pound cake. The total cost: a little over $140. So cheap!!!

I still need to figure out how exactly I want the top layer to look. And find a cupcake tower. And I want to make cupcake flags, too!

 personalized cupcake flags

P.S. I had a crazy wedding planning weekend. I am trying to recover today, but I have a strange cough sometimes and chest pains. :/ I need to take better care of myself.

P.S.S. While I was gone, WordPress changed their look… I’ll have to get used to that.


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