Books and Tables

By: niftyba

Apr 10 2008

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I thought I’d upload some pictures I took today of another table setting and our guest book.

I’ve been thinking of how to decorate the tables for the last few days. Elements that will be present so far: candles and natural colored manzanita branches (ordered 18 of them yesterday!). Future possibilites: my favorite type of paper flowers (the coffee filter ones) and vellum paper table runner (since I have so much of it left…). This was a really low-budget rendering of those ideas. Oh, the humanity- it really is bad. I put a white bath towel on the floor of the bathroom (the darkest room in the house), and put pink vellum and etcetera on top. I really wish I had white tealights instead of reddish ones. Those who know me know that I dispise being in bathrooms… but I did this for the greater good! Ok, this doesn’t look awesome: I’ll have to see how the manzanita branches really look, and Billy really wants orchids on the branches as well, so maybe not so many paper flowers. The reception tables are really narrow as well, so there does not need to be alot on them. This needs to be simpler.

We’d have gotten a photo guest book made by Heather, but I had a prepaid book thingy I purchased on clearance at Target for Shutterfly, so I just had to check that out instead. It’s an 8×8 square book, and it’s far away from the grand leather book Billy wanted. (Sorry Bibi!) The quality turned out better than I thought it would, shipping was fast, and it only cost be about $16. I like being in book form! My only gripe was that the pages were numbered. Instead of having people sign all over the pictures, I put seperate pages for signatures at the end. The name of the book is “war,” our intials (“william and alicia riggins”), and it looks like we’re actually going to war (a.k.a. chasing sea gulls, which we do quite a lot). We could have been “raw,” but… no.


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