PLA & Wood

By: niftyba

Apr 16 2008

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From kara.kent

So… I found this picture on Flickr, and this is pretty much how my table will look like. Corn cups and wooden plates and flatware. Oh, and add recycled dinner napkins and bagasse coffee cups to that, too. Not what every little girl has in mind for a wedding, especially since I heartbreakingly love china and silly things like champagne saucers (I absolutely love champagne saucers… I think they should be used for everything). But, since we’re going the paper/plastic route for the wedding, I thought I’d go a little greener for the wedding. Buying real plates and cups and cloth napkins is apparently better… but we’ve not the workforce to clean up afterwards. Billy was wondering why I wasn’t getting just plain plastic cups, or at least CUTE ones. They don’t come in “cute” yet. Meh.

In other news, I’m still sending out invitations. Grandma- what is Auntie Mylene’s address?!!!! I cannot find her in the phonebook!!!!!!!! Oh, goodness- everyone, just ignore that RSVP deadline, it’s out of the window. My own grandparents haven’t even RSVP’d yet. (And I don’t think they intend to…)


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