Made up.

By: niftyba

Apr 17 2008

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I just got a whole lot of makeup last weekend as a gift from Mrs. Riggins! I was pretty psyched- girls love makeup, and I loooove makeup. But, I don’t get to wear it often, so anytime I have some, it’s a treat!

Anywhooo, I just had a panicked thought about wedding day makeup and hair. All this time, I had only been thinking about myself and my bridesmaids. But today, I suddenly started thinking about the mothers and grandmother in the wedding party. What about them??! Do they want their hair and done professionally or something??! I think for the bridesmaids, it’s DIY so far. My grandmother can set her hair and put on her own makeup, but what about everyone else? And do I DIY it, too? I’m pretty freaky with pin curls.

It’s hard planning such things far away from Pensacola. I wish I were in town to visit places long beforehand and see what they can do, but with only a month left, it’s a bit too late.

My Wedding Look Inspiration, Etc, Whatever

I could care less for my makeup, but whatever happens, I just want nice looking skin that isn’t too shiny and won’t melt in the heat, false eyelashes, and makeup that will make my eyes *pop* (because I am sooo wearing my glasses). And chapstick.

This is one my absolute favorite wedding dresses. If I had a lot of money and could buy it, this Antibes dress from Cymbeline would be amazing. Another thing I loved about this was the model’s hair. If my hair were up, I’d want it like this- loosely up in a not-too-high updo with stray pieces.

Eva Longoria. I like loose-looking updos.

And if my hair was down… Vanessa Hudgens (sp??!), which would look like a much cooler version of my fluffy everyday hair.


2 comments on “Made up.”

  1. since i am now part of the wedding party i demand my own hair dresser…preferably not the kitteh.

  2. Am considering the Antibes dress for my wedding…its so unlike anything else I’ve tried on I’m not sure. The dress (and the train) are beautiful though.


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