One month left!

By: niftyba

Apr 18 2008

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I’m supposed to be packing, but instead, I am eating my lunch and making this post. :/ Here’s what I’ve been up to lately…

Krista entered candy heaven (the smell of the chocolate was amazing).

Brandi as a favor box elf/looks like Pam from The Office. (It’s the hair.)

Made bridesmaids tired at the fabric store.

Saw all the exciting lighting possibilities the Fil-Am had to offer!

We’ve got a pretty narrow table here. Maybe we’ll do mostly round…

Stocked up on supplies from IKEA!

Started decorating my other favors- hot.

P.S. The last few days, I’ve been growing extremely giddy about the wedding. I’m not normally like that, but I am welcoming the change. I’m only a bride once! And I get to MARRY Billy! Definite cause for celebration! Yay!

P.S.S. Heather Ahrens has a swexy new website!!! She just launched it, check it out! The first thing I fell in love with about her last year was the website, and it looks hotter!


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