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By: niftyba

Apr 18 2008

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This is not our wedding website. This is out blog. Although, technically, our website is a blog as well. But visit it anyways. It will tell you stuff!

I just realized that on our “about us” page, Billy and I are wearing very similar things in the pictures of us from 2002 and 2007. He’s wearing blue, and I’m wearing black and a necklace. We’re usually wearing those colors ourselves everyday. :/

Billy’s free for the next two weeks before he starts his new job! So, next week, if/when we go to Pensacola, we will: meet florist, meet cake lady, finalize table setting, finalize food and where to get it, and hopefully meet our pianist. Oh, and hang out with our friends for a bit. Billy can see Scott and Thomas’ office! We have tons of stuff to take to Pensacola, too- I got way too addicted to ordering everything offline. Not a good idea. BUT- we also received some wedding gifts as well!!!!!!!! That was so awesome!

Also, I just ordered loose orchids to play around with, so I have to get there anyways to get them. That route was sooo much cheaper than getting them from our florist, and I needed to see how delivery worked out. The cheapest place for loose orchids with good shipping prices from Hawaii was Ooooh, thinking of Hawaii makes me want to go to an island. And good thing we’re going on a cruise for our honeymoon! I AM SO PSYCHED TO GO ON OUR HONEYMOON! I HAVEN’T BEEN IN THE SUN IN AGES! (Yes, that is the only reason I am excited.)


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