The Little Things

By: niftyba

Apr 27 2008

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A lot of little details have been coming together in the past few weeks. I still have to work on the wedding schedule and wedding favors, but that can wait until I come back to Pensacola on the 13th. I’m happy with what’s been finished, like what our reception tables will look like! One of my next problems will be people stealing my expensive branches from the reception… if they do that, I will be uber-mad! (I was hoping no one would want a dead branch at their home, but who knows what Filipinos will do…)

Meet Guac and Salsa! Brandi helped us pick these out! We were forced on a mission to find bird cake toppers, and we were lucky to find these at Michael’s in Orlando last weekend. They’re so funky, and adorably round! 

There’s a Krista at my table! I got to see the paper lanterns I ordered, and I made a faux tablescape with what I had (no where in my house is a white sheet or table cloth, so I used the back of a heavy green curtain). Looks nice!

The orchids arrived on Friday from Hawaii! We had 100 blooms at our disposal, so Ana made us some nice leis to wear! It looks very nice, and there will be less blooms on each branch on the day of. I’m glad it looked okay!

My corn cups came while I was in Pensacola! I thought they would be too small (I purchased 5 oz. and 9 oz. cups because they were cheaper), but they are actually ok. They are from World Centric.

Jenna tried on her bridesmaid dress! Excuse the expression- she wasn’t mad or anything!

Jenna and Mercedes helped put up the gazebo my Grandmother bought for next week’s bridal shower. My Gma is going all out- she cleaned the whole house and the backyard, she bought new towels and bathroom stuff, and she’s also going to buy tables and chairs for outside as well!


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