Wedding Day Slideshow!

By: niftyba

Jun 06 2008

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Heather sent us a slideshow of our wedding, and it’s pretty awesome! Billy and I had that song stuck in our heads for days after we first heard it. (La la la la la la la…) You can watch the slideshow here, and keep a lookout for more pro pics in the near future!

Number one bad thing about being married with Billy: we both love to eat what is not good for us, but seems oh-so-lovely. Yum for cream puffs at half past ten at night! Our cruise, which I will also blog about soon, was a glorious time for Ali and mashed potatoes.

I’ve been keeping busy making our house into a home and unpacking all of my millions of bags full of clothing. Yes, folks, I have the most clothing in the whole world. I am the little Ba version of Imelda Marcos. One day, I want to have a movie set wardrobe, with racks filled with ready-to-wear goodness. That could take up the whole living room… yay. I’ll have to post pictures of the clothes piles soon.


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