So, we got married…

By: niftyba

Jun 16 2008

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It has been almost a month since Billy and I got married! Whoo-hoo! Too bad I’m kind of lazy in updating what went on before, during, and after that blessed event (boo). I’ve been waiting for professional pictures when recapping the wedding itself, but to get this started, let me begin with events that happened way before the wedding…

April 30, 2008: Billy and Ali get their marriage license! This was one of my favorite parts of getting ready for the wedding. Billy and I went down to the courthouse in Winter Park on one of his last days off before starting work and got it done. We both wore grey as our “serious” color (it was a coincidence, actually), and we got to be searched at the courthouse door, yay. It was an easy-peasy experience, and I got cool points for realizing that Billy had to put “III” at the end of his name or else I’d be marrying his grandfather. Then we went home, all giddy about getting married, and played Guitar Hero. Score. (Was I even allowed to take pictures inside the building? And why is the school of massage therapy so close? Hmm.)


May 3, 2008: I had a bridal shower! It was hectic and crazy, but it was pretty fun. My grandmother organized it, and I was quite surprised because I was not expecting to have a bridal shower, especially since not everyone could come. And it rained like a monsoon right before the party was supposed to start, which was scary since Grandma bought all new yard furniture and gazebo, and had been planning to have the party outside. Good thing the rain stopped, and we were able to wipe up most of the rain and have the party inside and outside of the house. My friends helped a lot with putting the party together as well (and so did Billy! The week before the party, he helped put up the gazebo up for hours!). Brandi and Ana secretly made up games to play while I was around, which was very cool since we’d not done any of that before. It was all worth it because Ana misspelled “Phil-Am”… just kidding! Their sudden project was done very well considering the nonexistent notice they were given. Here’s a video that I uploaded on YouTube of part of the games… Yes, I have a YouTube account! Right before it became cool and everything, I used to watch music videos all day long. I even forgot I had an account, but apparently I’ve had it for almost two years. Hmm. Pictures of the event to come next!


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