The Ba Bridal Shower

By: niftyba

Jun 17 2008

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May 3 was a busy, busy, busy day. Not only was there a bridal shower in my honor, but Ana and I also had to pay the lovely cake lady, Katie. Katie is the cake decorator for J’s Pastry Shop on 12th Ave, and I swear, she is so cute. And she was in love with Ana, lol. After giving her a page of details I made for her and going to the gas station to get payment money, we were soon on our way back to the party to get ready, with two dozen comp cupcakes!!! (VIELEN DANK!!!)

Funny thing: I went over to Ana’s house to pick her up, and Brandi was there, too! They were working on the games for the shower in secret! I had to take off my glasses so I couldn’t see.

Page for Katie.

Red velvet and yellow cupcakes for the bridal shower! (The icing was like sugar X a million. We were so lucky to get them!)

Brandi made me an AWESOME Bride To Be SASH! How cool! I had fun wearing that- WISH I REMEMBERED TO BRING IT FOR THE ACTUAL WEDDING. That would have been sooo cute. I forgot I needed to dress up for the party, so I just put on my high school graduation dress. Still fit (good), and Gma put in some padding, whoo!

 Brandi and I got to pick up the food from Happy China before the party. The smell was so good, and we shared an egg roll on the ride home. Oh my goodness, I wish I could be in a car stocked full of chinese buffet food every day.


Brandi, as the “tall one” available, helped put up things in the gazebo.

Thankfully, the heavy rain stopped, and it looked beautiful outside. Grandma and Grandpa worked very hard on getting the house and yard ready.

Shrine of Ba made in five minutes (I had a lot of framed pictures of myself in my old room.) You could definitely tell when I was cute or not cute growing up.

Pictures of the Party! Lots of Brandi, Ana, and Cecilia. Mercedes was at her prom, Jenna was at Corey’s graduation, and Krista was being held hostage by her work (grr!). Wish they were all there, but they were definitely there in spirit!

Cutest Little Boy Ever!


 And Grandma steals babies.


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