IKEA Summer Sale!

By: niftyba

Jun 18 2008

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I just found out today (because I stalk the IKEA site) that the IKEA Summer Sale will begin on SATURDAY! Just in time for the awesome Billy-And-Ali-Need-Junk-For-The-House-And-Are-Dirt-Poor-So-IKEA-Will-Work-For-Now-(Plus-There-Is-Mac-And-Cheese)! (BAANJFTHAADPSIWWFNPTIMAC, for short.) I remember that the sale was going on last year when Kyle was on his way to a store far, far away (was it in Atlanta?), and the Orlando IKEA was not open yet. But we have one now, and we can try to score some goodies on sale for the casa.

We need…

* A Desk for Billy (Vika Amon tabletop + Vika Curry legs to match my desk for $40)

* A Couch (Favorites are the Klippan loveseat for $279, Klippan sofa for $499, Karlstad for $499, and Ektorp for $399)

*A Shoe Rack (The Babord or Fran look like they will do, $10 each.)

*Some Footstools With Possible Storage (Perhaps footstools for our Poangs for $45, the footstool for the Klippan for $50, or maybe even the Odda for $80.)

*A Dresser/Storage Space (Like the Aneboda for $70, the Ramberg for $70, and the Malm storage unit for $60.)

*And possibly, Some Organizational Stuff Because Billy Likes Holding On To Paper (I love the Motorp magazine files, storage rack for writing supplies, and paper box for$10 each, or the Strikt desk set for $7.99)

We’ll trek to the IKEA to be there when it first opens at 10am- better early than later on in the afternoon, plus I’d like to see what’s in the AS-IS room before all the goodies are taken.



2 comments on “IKEA Summer Sale!”

  1. I was wondering if you could tell me if there was a lot on sale. The website doesn’t specify and I plan on going up there on Friday. Also, where is the “as-is” room located? I’ve only heard of it and didn’t actually know if it existed.

  2. Hi DeDe! Sorry it took so long for me to respond!

    I remember that the Klippan loveseat was on sale for about $50 less, and that a lot of smaller items were on sale as well (like desk organization things and such). I don’t remember much else, sorry!!

    And the As-Is room is located right near the checkouts at my store, on the bottom floor, probably to the right.

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