Brie Bomb of Joy

By: niftyba

Jun 19 2008

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One day, when I ever get to posting about our honeymoon, I will mention that Billy and I fell in love with brie. We didn’t know what it was called when we first ate it, but when we came home and showed the picture to his mom, we found out the goodness was called brie. Yum. The other day, Mrs. Riggins mentioned baked brie, which has completely haunted us ever since. Everytime we eat brie now, it’s, like, “Why aren’t we eating this heated? That would be delish.” Yup yup. So, one day soon, we shall try that and pretty much eat cheese and crackers for dinner.

In the meantime, I saw a video of Dawn Landes (cutie patootie!) making a version of baked brie for Mother’s Day. I can get her music stuck in my head all day.

Completely random: Neil Patrick Harris has to be our favorite person ever, and the new front man for Journey really sounds like Steve Perry… even if he’s Filipino. Seriously, the Philippines should be named the Talent Capital of the World- everyone seems to sing and dance without effort. Crazy.


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