I went to a bachelorette party! (My own!)

By: niftyba

Jun 19 2008

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I thought it’d never happen, but all of my friends did a great job with having a bachelorette party a few days before the wedding! And it was on the same day as this really CUTE picnic surprise that they put together as well. I was so surprised, it really touched me. Thank you so much. (Pictures provided by Ceci, Brandi, and Jenna from Facebook because it would have taken me way too long to upload and transfer pics of my own to Flickr.)

The picnic was a total surprise. Brandi and I were going to meet Krista for lunch downtown, and the first person I saw was Ana. And then I saw stuff set up on the ground. Completely unexpected find in Seville Square! They had a really nice spread set up with goodies like chicken salad sandwiches and mimosas (I think?). Yum! Thank you, Brandi, Krista, Alex, Ana, Ceci, Maria, Linda, and Crystal!!!

Then, also unexpectedly, there was a bachelorette outing!!! Brandi really scared me at first by asking if I brought any nice clothes with me, which I hadn’t since I packed all “work” clothes. So, I wore what I wore ealier in the day, but I had a lot of fun getting ready at Ana’s house with all the girls. 🙂 Then we met up with Krista to go to The Global Grill and Hopjacks. So much good food: from the tapas menu, I ordered mozzarella eggrolls and fried artichoke ball thingys- extremely goooooooooooooood, and so was everything everyone else got as well! I think I tried a clam, though, and that didn’t go down so well. We also got yummy fries from Hopjacks when we moved across the street. I was stuffed. Also got tipsy. And kept going to the restroom over and over again (I think the official count was eight times). No comment. Must have been that Shirley Temple I started out with. Well, anyways, I definitely fell asleep in my own car on the way home (good thing I didn’t drive, thank you Ceci and Jenna). Random things of evening: getting a bouquet of carnations and meeting a drunk older bride-to-be and talking with her.



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