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Jun 23 2008

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I was pretty excited when the kilts arrived a few days before the wedding- it meant the guys would actually have something to wear! Finding kilts was Billy’s job, and he found a company that rented kilts in Florida called Dunedin Scottish. It cost about as much as a tux, and it really added to the whole “let’s make the wedding Filipino Scottish” vibe. Looking back at the pictures, Billy and the groomsmen look great in their attire, but before the wedding, they had an interesting exchange of pieces. Henry and Scott kept their sets, but Thomas had to give Billy his jacket, and Kyle’s was a bit too small. Eek! Next time, we shall have a professional measure all of the young men, as they had to measure their own selves with handy items like paper (because it’s 11 inches long) or electrical wiring. So funny.

My brother Henry was the first to try on his kilt. I took some pictures, and it was an interesting way to start the morning. I must state that I did approve Henry’s mohawk for the wedding, even if Grandpa tried his hardest to get it cut. His first response towards the kilt was that the mohawk would not look good with it. I think Grandma’s response of smiling was the best.



Henry’s explaining how he used paper to measure his arms.



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