A Raisin in the Sun!

By: niftyba

Jun 26 2008

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So, we through design out of the window when finally purchasing a couch. Yes, we bought a couch yesterday! (And heard Will’s song again. It’s haunting us.) Instead of the Reese sofa, we revisited another couch we were considering that had the same price, the Tamarind. I had to laugh at the name because my favorite Filipino candy is Mangorind, a combination of mango and tamarind. We got a couch named after a fruit! And what’s more- the color is called raisin! (Strangely, the alternative beige color was called “artifact”… that’s not a fruit… it should have been “apricot” or something.) I could not find a picture from the Rooms to Go website, but Billy took one on his iPhone, so I’ll have to get that from him later. It arrives on Friday, and since I could be available all day, we got it express delivered. Yay, I get to be available from 7am to 10pm! It’s definitely more of a comfy couch instead of a designer couch, and since it’ll just be us and our friends on it, we thought it best to go with one we could mess up a bit. I’ll just sleep on it all day.


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