I’m Awaiting a Couch

By: niftyba

Jun 27 2008

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So, today, I am waiting for our new couch to arrive. I threw on my comfy pants and awesome Lloyd Dobler shirt, and wait for even further awesomeness. I hope they come soon, so I can write thank you notes in supreme comfiness! In the meantime, I thought I’d post those pictures from our trip to Rooms to Go the other day. Billy was kind enough to send them to me! I look the same in every picture. I don’t have much variety, do I?

This is the couch we were going to get, but decided against. The Reese sofa is really cute for the price, especially with the buttons on the side. However, I didn’t like how the seats were looking shabby after multiple sittings, and Billy and I liked different colors (I liked “poppy,” he liked “sand.”). Also, the seat cushions were not removable! Definitely a deal breaker.

This will be our new couch, the Tamarind sofa in “raisin.” Good things about it: ability to take off the bottom cushions to flip around, covers are removable, we are able to lie on the arms of the sofa, it was much more comfortable, and I liked the fooogly pillows a lot more. Screw design, we’re going with sleep-ability. We knew either ourselves or our friends would one day be lounging on that couch. I have a thing for falling asleep in front of the television on Fridays. That’s what I’ll be doing tonight. (OooOh, btw, new Dr. Who! Watch it!)

Really comfy Tamarind chair in “artifact.”


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