The Wedding Rehearsal

By: niftyba

Jun 27 2008

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The wedding rehearsal was held the day before the wedding, right after a very long day of set-up. It was crazy. If you were there, you would know how crazy it was. BUT, it was done. Kudos to Aunt Emily and Doug for their guidance. No one knew what was going on. And it rained! It was a good thing that we rehearsed though, because the whole ceremony made sense only inside my head, and I had to get those ideas out to everyone else who was involved as well.

And then we had an awesome dinner at McGuire’s. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Riggins, it was so great. A bagpiper came by, which was awesome!!! I asked for him to play Amazing Grace for me, and several other people made requests as well. I also got to see and meet so many old and new family members, like my mom who had just arrived that day! Billy and I shared food, and we had a chicken cesaer salad, fried mashed potato balls (BOXTYS!), and bread pudding. Oh, so delicious, we were sad that we had leftovers we couldn’t finish (and left in the hotel room).

I don’t have many pictures from that time. Here are some I found on my camera and from Brandi, before the rehearsal started.

Here’s Billy and I! He picked me up. Doesn’t he look nice?? I finally got to wear that vintage wedding gown I had been saving for an Easter, but had never had it fixed until that day (thank you, Grandma!!). Excuse my wet hair- I had just showered.

Brandi and Nakia, my cute niece!

Kyle got ready at my house as well, and so did Ana.

So pretty.

Off to the church!


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