Being a Four Eyes is Rad. (Thanks, Zenni Optical!)

By: niftyba

Jul 24 2008

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So, this is scary. It’s a news artical on how nonprescription glasses are now a popular fashion accessory. Hmm… wait… I thought no one liked glasses. Most everyone I know has moved on from their awkward teenage pairs to wearing contacts. I am the only one out of my friends (ok, group of six best friends that all need glasses) that still wears glasses. I wore my old, scratched-up pair at my wedding (although I really wanted contacts for a while beforehand). Surprisingly, though, Brandi and I were looking at the sunglasses section of Forever 21 the other week, and mixed in the selection were actual glasses (but nonprescription!). Why do that? Do people want to look like that? Apparently so. (Unless you’re Drew Carey, and you’ve had Lasik but are still expected to look like Dilbert!)

Here’s a picture of Brandi and I at the Forever 21, with chic Starbuck cups! The pair Brandi has on cost $5. Mine cost $10. Mine are cooler! (Eh, but they look pretty much the same.)

Buying prescription glasses is an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. I didn’t have insurance when I purchased my last pair in 2006, and it hurt knowing that the expense put a strain on my relationship with my father (and that, my friends, is how I broke down in an eyeglass store during Christmas 2005). When I did get around to buying a pair, I spent $300 and almost an hour in the JCPenny’s Optical store trying on glasses with Billy. He really disliked that, but the truth is, I cannot tell which frames look good on my because I cannot see. Trying on glasses with my glasses on as well is HARD. And I am never able to view properly in the mirrors provided. And Billy never wants to be “The-Chooser-of-Glasses-Frames” ever again.

Thomas mentioned that Crystal bought some glasses from this place online that was really cheap ($8!), and a few months later, I remembered this and decided to look into it. This was after the wedding, and while I had hoped to buy new frames or contacts beforehand, I never got around to it. I found Zenni Optical, and ordered three pairs for $35. They’ve got a lot of fun frames to choose from, including some awesome retro ones.

My retro pair from the first picture.

AND, my hawt husband in them as well.

My crazy pair (for some reason, I just had to have them). (Please ignore my eyebrows…)

AND, my first pair of sunglasses ever!!!! (I have always been jealous of people with sunglasses. My friends all have sunglasses, and wear them constantly like crazy people. Even indoors. I mean you, ANA. The biggest thing for me about Zenni is my newfound ability to wear sunglasses like everyone else instead of burning my eyeballs. And that is important when living in Florida.)

I was pleased with the quality of the frames, the nice price, and the fact that now I had pairs with CLEAR lenses (the lenses of my old pair were scratched badly due to my negligence). Naturally, I had to order 3 more, which cost $40. With shipping included, $75 is not bad for six pairs of glasses, including prescription sunglasses. It took about ten days after each order to receive them, but that’s not bad given the savings.

My pair of mad scientist glasses, which would make much better sunglasses than regular glasses. (Crazy pair #2. I feel like I can only wear these with a side ponytail and a silly face, that’s how crazy they are. I will not be wearing these around Billy unless I want to be made fun of.)

My first pair of aviators, which matches my current love of Reno 911!

And my pair of regular ole black frames.

There are a couple funny things about blog posts concerning Zenni Optical: most of them are sponsored and are written by Filipinas. Hehe, well, I am a Filipina, but this is not a sponsored post (it’d be cool to be paid, though!). I was satisfied by my orders from Zenni, and I hope this posts helps other people hoping to order from them as well. It’s always cool to see how frames look like on real people before buying them. I was fortunate to not have the issues some people have had, and I hope I never do. One day, I am totally re-ordering those mad scientist glasses as sunglasses. I also want a pair of white sunglasses with dark frames. If glasses do become a fashion accessory, I think I’ll gripe about it because of the people wearing them who don’t need them, but at least it’d be an accessory I could actually afford for once.

P.S. I think the side ponytail looks good on me from an angle.


2 comments on “Being a Four Eyes is Rad. (Thanks, Zenni Optical!)”

  1. Thank you!!!

    i’ve switched over to contacts last year, but still need a pair just in case. and my FI really needs a new pair badly but we weren’t sure how to afford them before the wedding.

    i’m definitely checking this out!

  2. Your golden aviators look very nice. I’m planning to buy something similar from Zenni Optical with amber lenses, but can’t decide how much tint I should go for. Yours look perfect, not too dark and not too light. How much tint did you go for?

    Best regards from


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