Getting To The Church on Time (Kind Of)

By: niftyba

Jul 25 2008

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None of us had ever had our makeup done. I had originally planned to DIY hair and makeup on the wedding day with everyone, but less than a month before the wedding, I made an appointment for us at the Dillard’s salon at my father’s request (surprisingly). I chose Dillard’s because I had gotten my hair done for my Aunt Emily’s wedding there in 2003, and it was the only place I knew of. I didn’t have a pre-trial there or anything, and I just hoped I would look okay in the end. Brandi was super-awesome and called in the appointment for me, actually. That’s how lame I am.

Krista did not join us that morning, but getting our hair and makeup done was an interesting experience for Brandi, Ana, Jenna, and myself. I was the only one who brought a reference picture, which turned out to be something different from what I had chosen before and saw only a few days before the wedding. It turned out to be a good choice, because it looked really good! It was an updo that I’d like to say was “business up front, and party in the back.” Awesome job, whoever my hair person was! I got my eyebrows waxed because I hadn’t done them in two weeks, and my only makeup request was that I looked “made up” with my glasses on. The makeup person was awesome as well! So, good experience with Dillard’s.


We met up with Krista and everyone else at the Fil-Am. I changed into my first wedding gown (that’s another blog post as well), took a few pictures with Billy, and then we headed off to the church in our awesome trolley!

Side story: Brandi, Jenna, Ana, and I hadn’t eaten all day. While we were waiting for Brandi’s makeup to be finished and after we picked up some Maltesers at the World Market (that’s another blog post), we stopped by Panera and picked up two sandwiches to share among us. I really wanted my sandwich, which I was going to share with Ana, but I never got around to it. I kept saying no, and was freaking out instead. So, here’s a picture of Ana eating the sandwich with Kyle. I really wish I got to eat that thing. I ended up eating only one plate of food that day, and I got sick from eating too much too quickly. It’s interesting that one of my largest regrets of the wedding is not eating enough, lol.

BTW, this is what some of us youngins looked like at my Aunt Emily’s wedding in October 2003. Aunt Emily and Uncle Brian got engaged a month after Billy and I met. Indulge us, and tell us we look better five years later.


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