The Cake

By: niftyba

Jul 25 2008

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At first, we had wanted cheesecake. But then I wanted cupcakes. Then I wanted cake again. Then we wanted cheesecake. Then I found out that cupcakes were cheaper. So cupcakes it was. 

Cheesecake would have been fabulous, since it’s one of the few desserts Billy and I love together, but getting cheesecake to look like a wedding cake would have been the hardest part. And, slices of cheesecake are NOT cheap. Billy loved the look of a nice, traditional wedding cake, and while I did as well, I had a lot of pressure on me about the issue of cutting and dispersing the cake. Add in my worry of cost, and I made the decision of having cupcakes.

Choosing a baker was not something we cared about. Actually, I had Ana, Jenna, and Krista go out and try cupcakes for us when I wasn’t in town. I only thing I told them to find the best frosting (NOT the bleh waxy kind), which for some reason was important to me. That lead them to J’s Pastry Shop on 12th Ave, after searching through Pensacola’s grocery stores. J’s is a local favorite mainly known for their smiley face cookies and awesome sand castle beach-themed wedding cakes. I should have gotten a beach-themed cake- those looked so cool when I first saw them in high school. Ana became my contact with Katie the cake decorator, and Krista went along to the first meeting and paid my deposit. I am extremely grateful to have such amazing friends.

We originally ordered 150 cupcakes, 75 pink and 75 white, and a 1 lb. topper cake. I went with cupcakes and a top layer cake as a compromise between Billy and I. Billy wanted something that we could actually cut and save, as tradition goes. I wasn’t interested in tradition, but it was an easy thing to add in. Also, Billy didn’t want any flavors that were weird, so I just went with what sounded the most plain. The cupcakes were golden cupcake mix with buttercream icing in a “swirl” appearance. The layer cake was pound cake with buttercream in white (that later became pink). When I visited Pensacola in early for the final payment, I upped the amount of cupcakes to about 200 (since the cupcake holder could hold more than I expected) and added decoratations to the top layer cake. This changed the price from $124 to $165. Not too shabby!

Cupcakes are an interesting thing to deal with because they are a popular thing to do, but where do you get the stand? J’s didn’t have any, so I ordered the large sized holder on It was a great product for one use, although decorating it was kind of a pain because I didn’t have any idea what I wanted to do with it for the longest time, it was easily beat up in multiple handlings, and it sagged during the reception due to the immense weight of the cupcakes (eek!). The sagging thing was something Heather mentioned when I first got to the Fil-Am… and I just had to let it go. It looked ok, hehe, especially with Grandma’s arch and candles around it. I decorated the stand with help from everyone, especially Ana who worked for an hour on gluing things on, with pink wrapping paper and vellum from Martha Stewart Crafts and brown ribbon from the Target wedding section.

Side story: The night before the wedding, Brandi and I spent the night at Ana’s house. That’s right, folks- instead of sleeping in a nice full size bed at my grandparents’ house, I slept on a fold-out couch in the Hernandez living room. Priceless. I loved it and hated it. The couch had a great plastic feel and sound to it. I bet Brandi loved it, too. I got to sleep at 3:30am, long after everyone had settled down, because I had not written my vows. I am a procrastinator to the extreme. But the vows thing is another blog post. We woke up at around 6am to get ready (… Brandi and I used Ana’s razor without asking her), and pop over to the bakery to pick up the cupcakes and then set them up at the Fil-Am before our 9:30am appointment at Dillard’s.

Ana at J’s around 8am on the wedding day.

My order on the counter waiting for me! It smelled sooooo good when we put the many boxes in the car. Oh, yum. (We didn’t eat breakfast that morning, so it was hard to deal with.)

This is what a sleep-depraved Ali looks like. I was soooo tired. I thought I wouldn’t make it through the day. Makeup did wonders, and I am surprised I smiled at all (seriously). I was pooped.

Jenna met up with us at the Fil-Am. Then we all hurried to put cupcakes on the cupcake tower. Billy and I had an issue over who would assemble the cake the day-of the wedding, and he said he wouldn’t pick it up for me beforehand. And he said he wouldn’t pick up the flowers as well. So, I had to pick up the cake, and Cecilia had to pick up the flowers. This was one of the situations that really made me mad during the wedding, besides Grandpa in the DJ booth vs. the world and etcetera. He could have really helped, especially with his groomsmen. 😦 I later found out that Billy got to sleep in and eat at Denny’s that morning. When I found out, and even now, I want to cry, because that really hurt. No bride and bridesmaids should have to set up cupcakes alone before going to their makeup appointments. *le sigh*

Anyways, the cake was a good idea. People, even though they prematurely started taking cupcakes from the cupcake tower during the reception, were able to get some cake easily. And the icing was so good it hurt your teeth and made you put it down until you waited ten seconds and picked it up again. I’ll post pro pictures of it soon.

Want to know the funny thing? I didn’t eat any cake at all.


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