Westley + Ana: Europe Bound!

By: niftyba

Aug 14 2008

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We were fortunate to have our dear friend Ana visit us in Orlando before she went all the way to Europe until January. To her, we entrusted our dear puppy-car-idol Westley to photograph on her travels a-la gnome in Amelie! To those who do not know, Westley originated from a McDonald’s Happy Meal maybe 4 years ago (he is the white dog pictured on top of the Happy Meal box in the link). He is part of The Dog collection they had, but we have no idea what kind of puppy he is supposed to represent. Ever since we got him and named him after Westley in The Princess Bride, he’s lived in Billy’s car and has been sort of our car idol and travel friend. Westley even survived Billy’s car crash of last year! Parting with him was hard, but Ana will treat him well and show him the world!!!

Westley is in Spain right now, and to keep up with their travels, please visit Ana’s travel blog!!! The link will also be posted in our blog roll. We wish we could be with you, but the posts will have to do instead. (In other news, Kyle comes home next week, and Brandi should be shipping off to Africa soon!!!)


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