Us vs. The Storm Part 2 + More

By: niftyba

Aug 28 2008

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The Storm

We ended up being effected by TS Faye last week after I wrote my last blog post. There was A LOT of rain, and we even lost power for an hour. Scary! Good thing we had lots of candles, but this made me think we should really be prepared next time around. That rain made me desperate for sunshine, but we braved it anyways to get some dinner at Chipotle! We got to don raincoats, and I wore my wellies. 🙂

038 by you.

040 by you.

The Jeans

Billy and I now own millions of pairs of jeans!!! Old Navy had a sale on Saturday for $12 adult jeans, and he got 4 pairs while I got 3. Awesome. Add that to the 2 pairs I got from American Eagle, and I have enough jeans to last a lifetime. And I never used to wear jeans! But, I have an extensive collection of graphic T’s, and I needed someway to wear them.

079 by you.

The Ped-Egg

I got a Ped-Egg from Bed Bath and Beyond on Monday using our gift card and a 20% off coupon. It was an interesting experience. My feet are smoother. My feet are groooooaaaaadddddddyyyy.

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130 by you.

The Muffin Pan

I had a 40% off coupon to Joann’s, too, so I also got a king sized muffin pan. I’ve always wanted this, along with the Baker’s Edge pan (still looking for that). It worked well without the muffin wrappers, and it made 4 huge cupcakes. Yum.

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120 by you.

The Haircut

I got my hair chopped off again. I tried getting my hair cut about two weeks after the wedding, but it was a horrible mistake. Now I pretty much look like I did four years ago. And I can grow it all back to the same style yet again.

744 by you.

I had the idea to get my haircut while on our honeymoon.

083 by you.

085 by you.

I got TWO haircuts, and it ended up with me cutting my bangs even shorter, making it only worse. I got a lot cut off, but it was still long. Worst haircuts in the world.

108 by you.

Forward to August, and this was my hair, with my bangs grown out and my hairstyle looking the same as the old times.

112 by you.

Then I got it cut off. Mwahahaha. 

110 by you.

A loooooooooooooooooooot got cut off.

The New Living Room

We got a new tv, and a new living room! Billy loves his new telly, and we got to pick out new carpet, coffee table, and tv stand for the front room living room. Also got some faux blooms for a vase on the tv stand. Office Max had a special on a $5.99 18×24 poster that usually costs $26, so Billy made me a version of the Keep Calm and Carry On poster for our living room. It looks swanky, and much cheaper than the original!

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