The Great Switcheroo!

By: niftyba

Sep 11 2008

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I was a two-dress bride.

It was unexpected, it caused a lot of drama, and it cost a lot of money. I spent $630 on my dress, and Grandma spent a little over $400 on hers. In the end, I got my little bit of indie wedding and Grandma got her tradition, and I looked good both times. I hope that’s the last time I ever war with my own grandmother, tsk tsk. My own mother and father were wrangled in by Gma to talk me into getting a second dress just to make her happy. I felt like I was betraying myself when I got a second dress, but if you make Gma cry, you can’t help it!

Dress #1- Wai-Ching, White Yowying dress, ordered in November 2007

This was an awesome dress, made by a designer named Chrissy Wai-Ching in Seattle. It reminded me of the Filipino barongs and other formal wear, and I just had to have it. My favorite part: the beautiful train. Too bad it was bustled on the day of the wedding!!! No one ever got to see it! I was sooo much skinnier when I took this picture (February 2008).

Dress #2- Unknown maker, purchased at Renee’s Bridal, one month before the wedding

Gma worked at Renee’s for a while, and I was dragged here right before I left Pensacola with Brandi. This was the first dress I tried on. I asked for something simple, and Gma insisted there be something sparkly. I really liked the veil and tiara I tried on with it. I can’t deny it- the whole “feel-like-a-princess” thing kind of rocked. Apparently the dress gave me a waist. Brandi took this lovely picture.

So, how did the whole dress thing go down on our wedding day? Well, I wore BOTH! I knew I would freak people out (which I like doing) by wearing my first wedding dress before the ceremony WHILE riding with Billy on the way to the church. I loved that part. Everyone was confused as to why I was in plain sight, right next to Billy. I was going to wear that dress, gosh darn it. Even Billy was, like, “Aren’t we not supposed to see each other?” But some people knew I had a second dress, so it was somewhat all right to freak everyone out. I could tell that it wasn’t accepted by some, but whatevs. I got to freak people out! (I’ll keep saying that forever.)

I had my father transport the dress to the church while I was on the trolley with the wedding party. Billy and I took some family pictures before the ceremony, and then I disappeared until I had to walk down the aisle. I loved how I matched my family’s garb that day. I didn’t care that they were wearing a white-ish color along with me. I didn’t want to stand out, and we looked good.

My Aunt Emily, Uncle Dan, and little Eva Mae. Taken by Heather Ahrens.

Billy’s told me that one of his favorite wedding moments was seeing me in the second dress for the first time.  That was my “real bride” look- all white and pouffy, complete with a veil and such. He loved it so much, and I am so happy that he did. I think Brandi told me Billy would like the dress when I first got it, and she was right. BTW, my veil was made by Gma the morning of the wedding, from $5 of tulle purchased from Joann’s. Score! And, Gma remembered the rings but forgot my jewelry, so I was lucky enough to borrow a necklace from Reena. I didn’t have a Something Old, but I had a something New and a Something Borrowed. I forgot my Something Blue at home (cute blue bows Brandi had give me)!

I posted this picture because Mercedes, the one to the left in a hot pink dress, was shown crying right after she saw me. I didn’t know until her family pointed it out, and I was, like, “Awww!!! I love you, Merce!” Taken by Heather Ahrens.

In the end, I got to wear my indie dress AND green plaid heels. Grandma forced me into a second dress. Billy cried because of how hawt his wife was. And that is all. I have no idea where those dresses are now! (After we left the reception, I totally tore that thing off and left it in a huge pile on the guest bed. Tsk tsk. It was all really sweaty.)

P.S. Check out the short story The Great Switcheroo by Roald Dahl.


5 comments on “The Great Switcheroo!”

  1. i love that photo of merce sobbing…
    and your dresses are being safely kept by gma.
    she told me so when i visited her before i left for paris.

    photo of new living room:
    dylan is SO CUTE. want to squish him…in a loving way, of course…
    and i was confused for a while until i realized that the new living room is where the old music/rock-out room was. so yes…now i’m curious to see the other room…lol

    MISS YOU!!

  2. Oh, I love your Wai-Ching dress! Also, your family’s barongs are great. Do you know where they got them from? It’s so hard dealing with the Philippines!

  3. A Bee, a Bee! Thank you so much, Miss Sweet Tea! We were lucky to have barongs on hand from past events, and I think they were brought over by an auntie who was visiting from the Philippines. I hope you’re able to find some! You can also try or

  4. Found you through a comment on Weddingbee.

    I love both dresses! You looked great!

  5. I found you’re site via kvetch at indiebride. I love your wai-ching dress. Do you have any plans to sell it?

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