Hmm… have we disappeared?

By: niftyba

Dec 16 2008

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I see that I have not posted since September. Does that mean we have disappeared? Hopefully not, because we still have a lot of oatmeal to consume. Here’s a quick rundown about what’s been up in our family: Billy goes to work (and is a super worker!), Ali goes to work (and is a super worker!), and Dylan works on his fat butt. Friends have stopped by, and we’ve even made a trip back to Pensacola. We attended our first wedding together (congrats Robert and Kerri!). Our house is still standing, although piles of a certain someone’s clothes can cause ankle sprains quite often, and we’ve put up our Christmas tree and sent out our first Christmas family card. Billy and I celebrated our six-year dating anniversary on the 13th of this month by going to Ice! at Gaylord Palms (chilly!). Next week is Christmas, and we’ll be celebrating all the way up in Virginia,  and then bring the party back to Florida by Saturday. We’re also going to DC on a mini-trip for ourselves! Hopefully I’ll post more before the year is out, because 2008 has been awesome.


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