By: niftyba

Feb 23 2009

Category: Uncategorized


Christmas came and passed, and it’s been almost two months since. That doesn’t mean I still can’t post pictures! Here is a glimpse of our adventures. We had a lot of fun in Virginia, seeing my family and testing our brand new winter coats in the freezing cold (it was 19 degrees when we walked to see the National Xmas Tree one night!). Love winter further up north, but I wouldn’t mind celebrating the holiday season down here sometime. I should get back into the habit of updating this blog- a lot happens in our family! P.S. I used Poladroid for effects. Loves it.





2 comments on “D.C.!”

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  2. I put your name into google, just for chance since I didn’t get any hits on Facebook and I found this page. Congratulations on the wedding! I’m so glad that things are going well for you. I don’t pass your old house nearly as much as I used to, but every time I do, I always think of your family and hope you are all doing well.


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