Living Together

By: niftyba

Mar 28 2009

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In terms of The Odd Couple, Billy is a Felix and I am an Oscar. How do we even exist in the same house? Patience, and lots and lots of love.

After I moved in with my grandparents, I experienced the kind of crazy freedom that results in a mad obsession with buying cheap things en masse, and then leaving those things on the floor. It doesn’t seem like an Ali-thing, and I never realized it fully, but I am not the cleanest person in the world. I am a shopaholic who only cares about the hoarding side of things. I love the organization of favored items, like categorizing my dresses or my nail polish, but that’s on a good day when I’m actually inspired. Billy is similar to me in insiration. We lack it in the house department, but he craves neatness more than I do. So we clash at times on that front. My clothes are still in piles, as they have been since I was in high school. But, umm, my sewing area is clean, and that’s good enough for me.

Spring is upon us, however, and I am itching to feel completely moved in now that we’ve renewed the lease on our house for a second year. That means putting away my clothes, and not just cleaning a small spot off my desk. It’s not about my random things anymore, it’s about us. And that means I should do some dishes, lol.


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