Twee House!

By: niftyba

Jan 12 2010

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Haha, long time, NO UPDATE! I thought this blog was supposed to inform people about the lives of Bi and Ba! How can that happen if nothing is written?? We shall work on that. Anyways, happy New Year! AND, happy us, because we are now first-time home owners! So true, not a lie! Billy and I purchased our first house on December 16th, and it’s so cute, we cannot wait to move in later on this month. It needs a little (ok, a lot) TLC, but it’s going to be amazing. Here are the pictures the realtor put up for the MLS when it was for sale.

You can see just a tiny bit of the previous owner in this picture. She’s in her electric wheelchair to the very left.

Old lady toilet!

Billy and I looked at many homes. We even bid on a home before we got this one, but that fell through (that one was a beautiful home, though!). Surprisingly, this was the very first house we looked at with our realtor, Jennifer Staubly with Discover Homes Orlando. Throughout our entire house searching process, it stayed in our top three. In the end, even though it is a small house, we/I just had to have it. Here are the specs: 1954 built, 2 bedroom/1 bath, awesome wood beam ceilings, large backyard, carport, terrazo floors, brick indoor planter, pink bathroom. The original asking price was $199,000, dropped down further to $155,000 the day we bid, purchased for $123,700 (<– I chose that crazy number!). It was a bargain for the neighborhood, especially since the MLS listed the incorrect square footage and it was filled with old lady stuffs, which I am personally okay with.

We’ve got lots of plans for the new house, and we hope to have everyone over one day soon! In the meantime, we need to start packing!


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