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By: niftyba

Feb 09 2010

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This week marks the second week we have lived in our new house! Yay! Although there is so much to be done, we are really happy to be here. We’ve been having issues along the way, but we’re hopeful that things will smooth out soon. Still have to clean up a lot, put things away, paint the rest of the house, etc, etc… but for now, Billy and I are savoring the ability to just sit on our new bed and enjoy our new bedroom tv and relax (ok, so we didn’t need a new tv, but we’re very happy with it).

This is our very first picture of our family in our new home! This is in the guest bedroom, and of course, we’ve got our computers out first thing, and the lump on the bed to the right is Dylan. He had a hard time adjusting, so he spent the first few days hiding like that.


Here are some more random pictures of what we’ve been up to. I’ll try to keep updating on our Flickr account. All in all, pretty proud that we even got moved in at all (that last week in our old house was insane for packing). Got a lot to do in the near future! Paint everything else, put all away, plan a kitchen, probably build more Ikea furniture.

Our junk/possessions in our living room. And this is only some of it- we donated A LOT to the Salvation Army during the move.
Our non-kitchen! Billy’s uncle and his friend ripped it out for us because we wanted to have the floors refinished before our kitchen reno. It was awesome! (And we are barely making do with a toaster oven, microwave, and kettle… kind of miss ovens now.)
1419 by you.
Our new toilet! I wouldn’t actually use the bathroom until we got a new toilet sans old lady toilet arm thingys.
I’m making my Ikea Knappa. It’s sad when you start calling Ikea items by their real names… it means you’ve memorized that they are.
Billy putting together our new dresser to hold our TV. Taking a rest to pet Dylan.
Dylan’s cat tree in the guest bedroom.
1442 by you. 
The first room I put together- the pink guestroom! How girly.
Our bedroom. Love our headboard. We have so much from IKEA, this is the MALM in oak.
1526 by you. 
Current landing strip featuring Billy’s really old bookcase and a 25 cent letter sorter.
1531 by you.
Our dining area for the moment. See Domo, my old bookcase, and our new/really old vintage dining table that I bought off Craigslist. It looks similar to this one, but was not hundreds of dollars.
1530 by you. 
Our entryway, I still love that light.

*I will refrain from titles such as this one in the future… hopefully.


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