House of Glass

By: niftyba

Mar 13 2010

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It is complete. Or… almost.

What I am referring to is one of the most important parts of our home renovation: windows! (We haven’t even touched the kitchen yet… we’ll get there one day.) Billy and I bought the house because we each loved specific parts of the architecture. I loved the ceilings. Billy loved the back windows in the living room. Unfortunately, those windows were pure vintage, original to the house when the room was a sun room. Just as a reference, this is how the living room windows used to look. It was one whole wall of windows, and something you don’t even realize is that one part of the living room’s wood paneling also covers windows on another wall. You can kind of tell what kind of windows they were in this picture- I don’t even know how to spell the correct term for them, but the slats opened up with a hand crank.

There was so much window to replace! And it was so expensive! But completely worth it. The first round of window installation covered most of the windows in the living quarters like bedrooms and our bathroom. Then we had to wait until we applied for a home loan in order to complete the massive back wall, and also get two doors installed. We are a few days away from the doors being completed, but the windows are DONE. And beautiful! It looks lovely.

This last picture is of our butterfly chairs being battered by the weather. Both times windows were installed, the rain simply decided to pour itself all over Central Florida.


One comment on “House of Glass”

  1. it looks very nice. much better than those jalacy windows.

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