Flat-pack Kitchen

By: niftyba

Mar 19 2010

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Last month, Billy and I applied for our first home loan. Above all things, two things were going to get done in the new house: living room windows and kitchen renovation. (Keeping the pink bathroom for a while.) The week we got approved for the loan, we made our way over to our favorite place, Ikea, with plans to purchase the entire thing then and there. But there were some hiccups: flaws in our plans, some re-designing to think over, and most importantly… I had seen an ad while walking into the store for an upcoming KITCHEN SALE! We were all geared up to go, but had to pause for the moment: waiting until the sale to start in March would not only give us time to re-think our kitchen design, but also save us lots of money! Because we were purchasing three major appliances, we would save 20% on our entire kitchen purchase. Completely worth it.

The two week wait went by slowly, but Billy and I were busy with other things like having those windows installed. And when March 12 did roll along, we actually couldn’t order that day- we forgot to bring something with us that would have saved us $75! So, we had to come back a few days later, and then we bought the whole thing, and came home with a bag of kitchen handles. Billy even got an IKEA credit card. The kitchen needed to be ordered, and will be delivered probably sometime next week. Then the adventure/drama begins.

We don’t know how to even hang a picture correctly on a wall, and now we are attempted to put together and install a kitchen. Hmm… we shall see how that all turns out very soon… For people who don’t cook, we’re kind of super anxious to get one!

For the kitchen, the design will be modern and clean. Buying from IKEA pretty much takes care of that bit. We went with Nexus brown cabinets, and will purchase a white countertop from Home Depot near the end of installation. Will have stainless steel and black appliances (yay new stove! new microwave with buttons that work! fridge with ICE MAKER!), along with brushed silver cabinet handles. I loved the main light fixture in the old kitchen, so we’re keeping that, but considering cool lights installed under the overhead cabinets.


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